Four seasons quilt

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Heart pincushion

I like the look of needlepoint because it has an old world charm . It actually makes a very durable fabric. I like the rhythm of doing it too. It's a soothing thing to do.  This is something I had worked out a while ago which I had adapted from a pattern I saw in a magazine. I didn't like the basket they had in the middle of it. I just changed it to a heart and am happy with that especially since it's a pincushion. You can gather the similar pins in the separate areas of the pincushion if you want to . I backed it with some faux corduroy with a crazy patchwork pattern. It's very soft and the colours tone in well  with the front of the cushion. I edged ti with beige cord which I hand sewed on and then added a turquoise button. 

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