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Monday, November 28, 2016

Minion cushion

Proud mother moment. My daughter gave me a bag of T Shirts so I could turn them into quilts. There will be a Dr. Who one, a superheroes one and then I had 3 T shirts left over. We worked out that two of them will make a nice bag but I said to her that the Minions one would make a good cushion. I was right. It has made the softest, cuddliest cushion ever. T shirt material is great for making cushions I have discovered. The cushion is two layers of T shirt material. The Minions T shirts is the outside and then left over backs from two of the other T shirts make the lining. I then made a bag from a clean pillowcase and stuffed it with fibre filler. Totally washable and easy care. I cut the bottom off another left over T shirt back and made the bow. I wanted to do a running stitch border around the edge with some yellow crochet cotton I had but found that was too hard on my hands. I'll try again today because I have until the weekend before daughter gets her upcycled cushions. It was great to know she had learned my lesson of recycling, upcycling or donating to charity. 

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