Four seasons quilt

Friday, November 4, 2016

Mouse hand puppet

This mouse likes to hear and tell stories. He is made to fit a child's hand and loves to sit and listen or will happily create a yarn or two. He is made from faux fur. I tried beads for the eyes but changed them to black buttons which I prefer. I love his spotty bow tie. Makes him look like he has nice manners. The ears are edged with synthetic woolly yarn and lined with felt. His nose is a pom pom and his whiskers are yarn. I had him there for a while and wasn't so sure how to finish him. I had used a pattern and it was one of those projects where I felt it wasn't looking as good as I thought it would. I got it out last week and suddenly my ideas of how to make it better came alive. The arms are pipe cleaners with faux fur hands/paws. He's quite a character and looks so much better than he did. 

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