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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Patchwork bags

I am always quilting so I have plenty of leftover scraps. We got rid of plastic shopping bags in South Australia quite some time ago so I started using my scraps to make shopping bags for myself and others. They have been welcome and popular. I can make all sorts of bags. They get a tropical look, an old fashioned look, a retro look, a fun or funky look. I can use big blocks or use the small pieces to make bigger blocks. I generally base the bags on a nine piece set up and then make the handles to match. I am often making them as I do other things because sewing small pieces together can be tedious so I just do it for a bit and then get on with something more interesting. These bags wash and wear well. They fit plenty of shopping and cal roll up easily into another bag so they do not take up much room. 

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