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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Which knitting needles?

The point made in this video hits the nail on the head. You choose the knitting needles which suit you. You then have to choose the needles which suit your project. Sometimes you need to use the circular needs because you have so many stitches or because it takes up less space. That can be part of what guides your choice. Some long needles really get in your way and are awkward. I like plastic needles or bamboo needles but hey can break and that is really annoying. The trick is to have more than one pair of any size and that can be done by getting spares in op shops , craft sales and at fetes. Steel ones can be taken by other people in your home for uses other than knitting. I don't know why but family members can be quite good at bending needles when they use them for something other than knitting. If you live in a safe home for steel needles then they are my preference because they are durable. You need to buy good quality ones though because some metal needles make a horrible sound when you are knitting or they sound like they are rough. Needles should always sound smooth. If you don't know then borrow needles or buy op shop ones until you know the needles you like. Double ended needles are always steel in my opinion because they really can break easily and that is frustrating. In the end, what I think, or what anyone else thinks is not relevant. It is what you think. I prefer to use plastic needles for the thick wool and steel needles for 8 ply and less. For me it just works better that way. 

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