Four seasons quilt

Monday, December 12, 2016

Green cowl

I really love the colour of this cowl and didn't realise that I had made it in the greenery colour of the year! it's a fresh green the the colour of real limes. There are three synthetic yarns which make this cowl. Once has greens and beige, one is a green bitty yarn and the other is the Medley with bobbles and bits of different greens and yellows. It is warm, cosy and a great winter cowl because the colour is so cheerful. Not sure Betsy the bear agrees with me but she wore it under duress. It's is 20 stitches on number 7 needles and 66cm in its folded state. I used garter stitch because it improves the texture and look of the cowl and makes it warm. It also allows the yarn to speak for itself. Very happy with this one. 

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