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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Man beanie

This beanie is made from pure wool from the Bendigo Woollen Mills. I know from experience their wool knits up well and is durable. I have made a few beanies and I made the handspun wool one for a man. Since then we have had winter and I was paying attention to what men wear by way of beanies around Adelaide. They like plain and they like black or navy blue and they don't seem to like beanies with texture and pattern. I used single rib and converted my double rib pattern to that. I cannot share that with you because I cannot find the online version of the trusty Lincraft beanie pattern I got free in their shop . There are other good beanie patterns, though, which would suit. There's a Canadian one on Canadian Living . There is also a good one which is explained well on the Kis*Knit blog. Instagram certainly likes this beanie so I hope I am on the right track for man beanies. 

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