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Friday, January 20, 2017

Basic mittens

Megan Brightwood is cheerful and helpful as she teaches us all to make basic mittens. I made mittens like this when I was at primary school. They were royal blue and I loved them, but she is right, for a really cold climate they are not warm. They are a great way to learn how to make mittens, though. You can use thicker wool, you can make them double thickness.You can put them over cheap knitted gloves for an extra layer of warmth.  With the medley wools around you can make some really nice mittens.  If you use a Fair Isle pattern you will have thicker mittens. It's about learning the basics of mitten knitting first and then trying out other things.

She is using American size 7 needles. That is Australian size 4.5mm.

Image: Stitchgeek

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