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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Crochet an AT-AT

My daughter sent me through a picture of the crochet AT-AT by Kamila Krawczyk and asked me if I could make her one for her new baby coming in August. I loved how she had enough faith in me to send it to me and think I could do it. I didn't use the pattern. I used the pictures. I had them on my phone and iPad so I could look at them and work it out. I looked at what yarns I had and settled on the white, the pale blue multicolour cotton with some iridescent thread and the baby blue cotton. I decided to sew the eyes completely and not to add on bits to sew. I was crocheting for a long time. I had all these different pieces and elements.
In the end I had to mark some of them and keep them in piles so I knew which bit went with which and which way round it went. It does have lots of pieces and you do have to work out a system to keep them organised. I also found you have to be careful when you sew it together so you don't get things back to front or upside down. I found the number 3.00 crochet hook to be the best to do the ending for the body and head. Worked really well. When I stuffed it I was in love. It was so big, soft and squishy. It went to its new home yesterday and I am more than pleased with how it turned out. 

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