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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Baby beanie

Baby beanies are great quick projects which use up odd balls of wool or yarn and they are the sort of thing you can tuck in your bag and make on the train, or while you are waiting to see the doctor. They are a very handy way to fill in down time. I was knitting this baby beanie as I sat and waited for the train and then on the train trip itself. I got quite a bit done. I am using plastic tortoiseshell needles because I found them the other day and I could remember my grandma using tortoiseshell needles. They used to be the thing. The advantage for me was they were light and silent. I don't need extra wait in my bag. I am using the pattern on Mama's Stichery Projects . She is using inches so you might need the inches to centimetre conversion on this site. 

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