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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Baby blanket

I cannot believe I have finally finished this baby blanket. 650 grams of yarn later I am there. I used brick stitch but knitted garter stitch in the two rows in between. I have also crocheted around the border to stabilise the edges. I used 5.5 round knitting needles and 200 stitches. I made it wider than longer because I wanted it to be able to be a blanket which was good to wrap around but suitable for someone small. It's soft, colourful and squishy and machine washable because I used acrylic yarn. I was also conscious of the fact children can get warm very quickly and this is Australia. We don't always need to be using thick wool here.

Pattern is as follows:

200 stitches.
5.5 round needles
I have used 3 colours of 8 ply.
650 grams of yarn.
Brick stitch using garter stitch for plain colour. Knit forever and ever. 58 rows of bricks. Stabilise edges with a row of double crochet and then a row of 4 treble clusters. . 

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