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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Crochet animals

I am making another baby blanket. I'll soon be finished and you will be able to see and judge for yourselves. You can see some of it in the picture on the right. I wanted to put animals on it but it is not something I have really done before. Not much anyway. I decided on which animals I wanted to represent and then googled pictures of them. The lion has turned out really well. There weren't any pictures of crochet lions I liked so I had to make that one up and look up things about lion eyes and ears on the internet. Most of these animals are based on circles and were a great way to use up odd bits of wool. Now I have made several of them I shall so them more often to decorate things. I especially liked the owl. Oddish I had to make up from a picture too. I didn't want too many animals because I didn't want to make the blanket look too busy. The white eyes are circles of trebles and on the cat they are circles of double crochets.I really enjoyed doing this. It was really fun to find animals and then to try and make my crochet version look good. 

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