Four seasons quilt

Friday, April 21, 2017

Baby gamer quilt

I have loved making this quilt. Baby quilts are fun because they can be so colourful and present a good challenge. I loved the Super Mario fabric I got for it and so it then became a matter of sorting through my stash to see what I had to match in. I found some big and small covered buttons and bits of tape of different sorts and it all seemed to work together once I got going. It is all cotton fabric and so will machine wash. It has polar fleece on the inside to make it warm and cosy and I backed it with some camouflage children's fabric which I had. I used the white to tone down the other colours a bit. Children like bright and garish bu tit was a bit too loud. It is also why I have used the batik print. It mixed nicely with the teddy fabric and just pulled all the noise into line. The new owners are really excited to be getting this tomorrow. They love it and that's the main thing. 

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