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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Care for your handmades

My type of lady. Her needles and yarn go everywhere with her. She has some good tips for caring for hand made items. It is important. A lot of time and effort goes into making something. It's original and irreplaceable. These things need to be cared for. You can bring back the vibrancy into yarn and wool by using a two in one shampoo and a warm wash. It is also traditional to treat wool with a eucalyptus wash to keep away the moths and creepie crawlies. I prefer to store my yarn pieces with nice soaps. They smell lovely and they are protected from midnight feasters. If cared for properly , wool and yarn items will last for years. It is a matter of keeping the fibre in condition which is why I use the two in one shampoo and hand wash the items. Some people are making wool and yarn dolls and animals . There are some good tips here for specifically caring for those. 

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