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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Crochet mug cosy

Mug cosies are not just silly pieces of frippery. I am about to make one for a friend who is having trouble holding his mug because he has some nerve damage from an operation and his fingertips are not as sensitive as they should be. It means he will drop his mug if he things he is holding it but isn't. That's not nice! He has been using a hankie to help him feel where the mug is. I suggested a mug cosy and he is willing to try. They are practical, washable, easy to make and will make a difference for someone who has diminished peripheral feeling in their fingers. There is the texture of the yarn and pattern. This mug cosy patter is easy and well explained for those of you who have never made one. I am going to make once from cotton yarn since the person concerned is allergic to wool fibres. It is good to know something so simple can make such a difference in someone's daily living. 

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