Four seasons quilt

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Dr. Who quilt

Nothing like starting a new quilt. I was really pleased when my daughter brought me a whole heap of her old T Shirts and asked me if I could turn them into quilts when I had time. There were enough to make two quilts and then two T shirts left over which I am going to make into a bag. The first quilt is this one. A Dr. Who quilt. What a nice challenge and it’s great to know she’s picked up the recycling and upcycling habit. I went through my stash and I had plenty of fabric to blend into this quilt. I haven’t quite decided how it will look. I knew my first job was to stabilise all the T Shirts onto cotton fabric. I have done that now. There were 6 in all. I am pretty sure I’ll be highlighting some of those designs with hand stitched silver highlights. I now need to decide how the rest of the blocks and pieces will go. Such fun!  

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