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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Converse baby booties

I have made one of these Converse baby booties. I don't mind fiddly, tricky and hard but these are just plain annoying. They come good in the end but the second one of these may never get made. I have a request for a red and white pair and I shall certainly make those, but for me, that may well be the end of it. 
They truly show the test of how demanding some hand made items are and how the skills are underpaid and under valued. Anyone who makes and sells these deserves top dollar. They are high skills levels, they test your patience and endurance to the limit. There are no shortcuts or easy fixes. It is all hard. I have made so many complicated, testing things and these really take the cake. I'll see how the red and white pair turn out and by then I might have calmed down! I think the worst thing about hem is they are all stop and start. You never really get into a rhythm of anything. You start and then you have to change to something else and do that and then change again. It was the stopping and started I found wearing. 

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