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Monday, May 15, 2017

Converse baby booties

I told you the story of the black and white Converse sneakers I was trying to make. They were such an annoying thing to do even though the first one I finished turned out okay.  I had actually had a request for a red and white pair and was using the black and white ones as my practice run. I got one bootie done. I found the Converse booties tutorial on YouTube and could follow it quite well because Choosy stuff is very confident and explains things well. I changed hook sizes and used a 3.50 and double knitting wool. These red and white ones went along far better and were not such a chore. I am now hoping I can finish the other black and white Converse bootie. They are not my favourite thing to make but I am at peace with them now! I really like how the  soles of these came out and will use it as a base pattern for other baby shoes. 

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