Four seasons quilt

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

DPN holder

I decided yesterday that since I had made a good start to my newly acquired knitted sock talent that I would make a needle holder. I didn't do a perfect job but time was of the essence and I just wanted it done! It was good to be able to sort out all my double pointed needles! I have quite a few now I have gathered them from all the possible storage spots. I had some quilt blocks left over from the four seasons quilt featured in the banner of this blog. I then used the bits of fabric left over from the beeswax wraps I had made. I am happy with it because I can see all my needles at a glance. I don't have to hunt or look hard to select the correct size. The needles then are protected and keep in place. When I have nothing better to do I shall make a perfect one!

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