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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Knitted socks

Nothing like a good challenge. I have wanted to knit socks for a long time. I kept looking at the heel part on patterns and couldn’t understand how that worked so I never got going. I was looking for something to keep my brain occupied and decided I would conquer these socks. I looked for patterns and eventually found one in my old knitting book. Right. Next thing was to find some yarn and then the DPNs. It all went well until I had finished the heel flap. I just could not turn that heel. I tried 3 times and then left it for a day. I read every sock pattern I could find. I looked at my sock from every angle. I went back to my needles and bingo! I had absorbed how to get that heel right. I like how neat it looks and it’s very easy to do...when you know how! I can’t wait to get this sock finished and then knit the matching sock. So cosy for winter. I’ll then be able to get out some good quality wool and get on with socks galore.  

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