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Friday, May 26, 2017

Which crochet hook to use?

Tammy Powley has a very cheerful craft site, The Crafty Princess,  and makes interesting podcasts too. I love how we can now share our enthusiasm for yarn arts and crafts on the internet. Choosing the right crochet hook for you is a serious business. How you hold your hook and how well the hook manages the yarn or wool are important. There are lots of hooks to choose from. Some have handles, some light up in the dark . There are the new bamboo, sustainable ones on the market. I tend to use aluminium and steel. Plastic works for me with the bigger hooks. Small aluminium hooks can bend and small plastic ones can break. Some hooks glide through the work more easily so it's good if you can try the different types out as some of  them are quite expensive for a single purchase. Shops don't generally let you try before you buy. It's good then to share what we do and what we are using. That helps others inform their choices. 

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