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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Winged Star Quilt Pattern

The winged star blocks are quite easy to piece and put together except for the last bit. Then you have to think that out carefully. I always sew the long side on first and then do the short side. It sits better that way. The blocks I made were called steps and spirals and are set slightly differently. They are a variation of the  the winged star block. Mine are for a Dr. Who quilt I am making from upcycled T Shirts and I have been enjoying finding blocks to match in with the T Shirt designs. 

You can find this nice pattern for a winged star quilt on ludlowquiltandsew. There are also some other nice quilt blocks on Quilt Lover Guide. The Dutchman's Puzzle block is another variation on the winged star. 

For my blocks I had 16.5 cm centre sqaures, 16.5 cm squares cut into triangles and then 22cm squares cut into triangles. Each block has 1 square, 4 big triangles and 8 smaller triangles. You piece it bottom, left hand side, top and then right hand side. 

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