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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Dr.Who Quilt

The Dr. Who quilt is finished and I am happy with it. It has been an interesting and amazing journey for me. I had to stabilise the T Shirt images onto cotton. I did that by sewing around the edges and then putting a pattern around the outside of the image. I had never made fan blocks before but I really love how they look. They too had to be stabilised onto cotton fabric. I created the other block from my block book templates and enjoyed making those and putting it all together was an interesting challenge. I had to make strips of blocks for fillers. It was all new learning. What made it easier and less tedious was setting up a DVD player in my sewing area so I could watch and listen to music DVDs as I planned and sewed. That was a good move. The quilt is backed my a mid blue jacquard print and it looks and feels so nice. The sewing machine played up a bit with the fancy stitches at one stage and that was something I just had to hold my patience with and work through. it is good to see the T Shirts upcycled and in a new setting. I know the new owner of this quilt is more than happy with it. 

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