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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Fingerless gloves

I made the colourful fingerless gloves by using a glove pattern and missing the bits for the fingers! I wanted some where I could put my fingers through  the  finger holes because  I wanted my fingers to be free. I can type, sew, knit and it works. I had bought a cheap grey pair which are actually very nice. They are good for when I am out . I crocheted around the tops of the fingers to tidy them up a bit. You cannot create with cold hands. Fingerless gloves and mittens are easy and quick to make and keep your hands warm and mobile!  I can actually feed the material through my sewing machine better when I am quilting if I am wearing my fingerless gloves. I crocheted two rows of double crochet around the hand part, In the first row I joined both sides every six stitches. The thumb just needed one row of double crochet. There are so many nice patterns around. There is no need to have cold hands!

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