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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Imaginary friend toy

My new and first grandchild is coming in August and it is very exciting. It has been good to rediscover the new baby knitting, crochet and sewing and to update my skills and ideas in that area. I have found Instagram to be instaspirational with all the ideas which come up and the encouragement I get. I am making an imaginary friend for the new baby. I decided to make it up as I go along and then it will be a real imaginary friend! I used my newly acquired sock knitting skills to do the body and knit that in the round. I am now making arms and legs in colours which tone in. The plan is to use an old windcheater top, which used to belong to my daughter, to make the face. Bit of history and continuity. I am currently looking up faces on Google to try and find something which appeals to me. I haven't decided yet as to whether I make clothes for the imaginary friend or wait till later or just leave it. A project like this is stimulating because I have the freedom to experiment and do as I please. It is also using up odd balls of wool and upcycling clothing. I am all for that. I am using 8ply acrylic yarn and number 10 needles. That keeps the fabric dense and the toy will then be machine washable. 

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