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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Knitted toy

Beeble is a knitted toy I made up with a little help from the internet. I just looked at lots of images of knitted toys and then got to work. It was made on size 10 needles with acrylic 8 ply wool. The legs are 12 stitches and the arms are 10 stitches. I knitted the body on dpns and had 60 stitches and then decreased each end in every other row at the neck for the last 6 rows. The neck was gathered a bit when I sewed on the head. The head is upcycled windcheater material and the face and scarf are upcycled T Shirt material. The feet are from the waistband of the windcheater.  The ears were 10 stitches on 5.5 needles and then decreasing every other row to a point. I folded them in half but they are very soft and movable. I embroidered a woollen bee on his side and I am more than happy with how he turned out. His eyes are treble crochet circles in white with one row of slip stitch black at the end. I embroidered the pupils and then the bit between the glasses. It was a good adventure and I love him. He'll go to his new home at the weekend and am confident he will be happy there. 

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