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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Learning to spin

Learning to spin wool has been an interesting experience. I am not naturally good at it. At the moment I am over spinning and am trying to co ordinate my hands and feet. In time I shall get it! My wheel has sat as an ornament in my home for far too long. I have always wanted to learn to spin and now I am. I went along to a spinning and weaving group which has a beautiful venue on the beach front and it was not hard to put myself into this new adventure. From one session with the group I did get to be able to spin . I also leaned there was some work to do on my wheel. I have had to loosen bits, glue bits, I need a spring which I'll get today and  I had to put in another row of hooks. It's exciting to discover all this new knowledge. The group kindly lent me an upright wheel which has spools stored on ti because I got myself going better with that because it was working properly. It also takes up less room. I could see all the beautiful wool these people had hand dyed and know I'll eventually get there. It is hard when you are not very good at something but you just have to persevere. Anything worth doing takes time and effort to learn. My first job was to get my wheel in good working order. I am not going out to buy wool! I have two wheels to practise on so I should be fine. 

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