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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Preparing fleece for spinning

When I bought fleece recently I bought one bag of fleece which was prepared and dyed and the other two are fleece straight from the ram. I am already  in love with ram's wool for spinning. It is winter in Australia so any thought of prewashing the fleece before I spin is not something I can easily accomplish  but I could do that in our summer without problems. It's good to  know how to do it properly. I'd be using castile soap. What I have done is spin a spool of wool which I have combed a bit at a time so I can pay attention to it and then have hand washed the spun wool after I have plied it. The skeins have dried outside on a winter's day without too much trouble. Were it raining I could lay them on a towel in front of the fire . There must be a way of dealing with fleece washing before spinning in winter time. I haven't found it yet. I don't want to risk felting my beautiful wool by accident. I have stored my wool in old pillow cases because it needs to breathe. Plastic bags are better for transport and storage in shops but you need to get the fleece into containers where the wool has a chance to breathe. I am lucky the fleeces I bought are pretty clean. They are just lovely and the sheep farmer in Lucindale needs to be thanked. 

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