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Friday, June 2, 2017

Sewing with metallic threads

Christopher Nejman makes very helpful videos because he is cheerful and he takes you through things slowly but, because he is talking to you, you get involved and learn. Metallic threads are in a league of their own and can really but some class into your finished pieces. I use them to lift an ordinary design into the extra ordinary. I use them to enhance embroidery, cross stitch , sewing. They are great when you want refurbish something and bring it up in style. I find with a sewing machine it is better to have a plain cotton on the bobbin which tones  in with the metallic thread and to make sure my needle is sharp. With embroidery and cross stitch you have to be prepared sometimes that the tread might bunch or rumple so using shorter lengths works for me. Metallic threads make you look good so it is worth spending some time learning how to use them. 

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