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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Spinning yarn

Straight from the horse's mouth! My wheel certainly looks like this Ashford wheel. I got it second hand a long time ago but I am not certain it is a genuine Ashford since there was no plate on it. I don't have the brake tensioner as he has. I had to put in another row of hooks as mine only had one set. I couldn't get the bobbin off easily so I had to repair one of those uprights which holds the bobbin in place. I had to put a spring on the fishing wire bit. I didn't have one and one lady, on Monday, put a rubber band on for me and that certainly helped. The wheel has been polished and oiled and what a difference. It now runs smoothly like the one in this video. Even experienced spinners could not keep my wheel going. Now it just goes! Now that I have done all the maintenance I am going to get that foot rhythm right  so I don't spin too quickly. I also have to practice the finger pinching thing because I tend to hold onto the yarn and not let it go so it can go onto the bobbin. This video has allowed me to understand why the finger pinching is so important. I went to the Spinners and Weavers Guild yesterday and got 3 bags of wool so I can do all my practising. I have two decent wheels to try and I feel happy I can get seriously started. It's all practice. Down the track I shall laugh at this stage of my learning. I have leaned a lot in less than a week so more than happy with my progress. I am grateful so may spinners have put videos on YouTube. They all have a slightly different focus so each bit of knowledge helps me conquer this skill. 

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