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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Cable stitch

Knitting this classic cable pattern isn't hard and it just needs a bit of patience. With cable you have to keep an eye on the number of rows before you do the twisting in the pattern and you need to use a cable needle which suits you. At a pinch you can use a big safety pin or stitch holder if you are worried you might drop the stitches. Some cable needles have a dip in the middle so the stitches are else likely to slip off. You could knit strips of cable like  the one in the video and use it to edge jackets or bags or sew the strips together and make a nice blanket. The main thing is to practice the cabling before you embark on something like a pullover or jumper. You need to be confident. There is a bit of a stitch problem if you read the comments under the video. It is not a problem.  Cast on 16 stitches. It's purl 5 knit 6 purl 5. You could purl 6 on each side and then make the cable 8. The middle panel has to be divisible by two. 

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