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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Hand spun wool

I cannot yet spin the fine wool the other women are spinning at the group I belong to. I am only about a month into it and have achieved a lot. I have repaired my Ashford wheel and have a spare spool for that now and I have borrowed a double drive wheel so I can learn about those spinning wheels. The original wool I spun still had a lot of sheep in it so I decided to make a bag which is coming along. 
As I am knitting it I have been thinking this thick, textured home spun wool would be great for blankets or even jackets. I like how it knits up. I have mixed it with some Bing Tuscan from Lincraft and then some red 12 ply I had. The rest is my wool. I have been plying the light and dark rams wool and I really like the effect of that. I shall need some for my bag and then I plan to make myself a beanie. I have made beanies for everyone else. It's about time I had a beanie.
When I have spun it I soak the wool in a bucket of warm water, two skeins at a time, in my home made shampoo. I rinse it thoroughly and  hang it up to get out most of the water and then I dry it in the sunshine outside. Bit of a challenge in winter but it has worked so far. 

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