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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Home spun wool scarf

I still have some homespun wool which is quite chunky and textured. I am only at the stage now with my spinning that I can produce thinner, more consistent wool. The chunky wool is beautifully soft and squishy. I used my plied light and dark ram's wool to make this scarf which matches a beanie I had made last year from bought spun wool . The scarf will become a Christmas present. I love the natural colours and feel of it and it is a beautifully warm scarf which the new owner will appreciate.I used 20 stitches and the large 12mm needles which made it a quick knit in single rib. I had to alternate the older skeins with the newer skeins because each time I spin I am getting thinner wool which is part of my learning curve but means I have to be creative in how I use the wool I have spun.

When you are learning a new textile skill you have to be inventive so that you do not put yourself off from persevering with the learning curve. Everyone who has seen this scarf loves it and the colour. I am glad about that and look forward to using the new wool I have spun which is featured in this post too. To the left is dark ram's wool plied with merino wool and to the right is light ram's wool plied with crochet cotton.  

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