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Friday, July 7, 2017

Knitted bag

The first yarn I spun when learning to spin was ram's wool. There was light and dark and I plied some of the light together and then some of the light and dark. It was what they call textured! Looked a bit too much like sheep still. I was wondering what to do with it and finally decided to make a bag. There wasn't enough for a blanket and it would have made a lovely warm, soft blanket. As I was knitting the bag I was thinking it would make a nice jacket which would be very warm. It's cuddly and soft. I used round 5.5 needles to make the bag. I had plied some light ram's wool with some commercial red 12 ply but that hadn't worked very well. It works on the bag , though, and the red gives it all a colour lift. The purple is Bing Tuscan from Lincraft. I had bought a couple of balls because I loved the colour and texture. I have crocheted over some soft fibre filled lengths of material for the handle and then machine stitched that in place. I embroidered with wool over the ends with some of the left over purple wool. None of my first efforts spinning have gone to waste and I am delighted with my new bag. I lined it with coffee coloured cotton and plaited tie strings for the top . The front of the bag was sewn down the middle so I have laced some home spun wool as a decoration after I stitched it at the front. The first two rows were purple commercial wool to make it easier to sew up when the time came and it makes a nice finish on the bottom of the bag. 

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