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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Homespun wool cowl

I have made two versions of this cowl. One with my homespun wool and one with two strands of acrylic 8 ply. They look different but they are both nice. I invented the pattern for my homespun wool and would have used about 200g of it. I am learning to spin so I have to make things which suit the wool I have spun at the time. The cowl is designed to be wrapped double and it sits nicely around your neck. 

The pattern is in blocks of 24 stitches so you can make it as big or a small as you want. It uses 10mm round needles and is knitted in the round. The blue one I knitted as a mobius strip. 

1 panel 24 stitches
2 panels 48 stitches
3 panels 72 stitches
4 panels 96 stitches
5 panels 110 stitches
6 panels 134 stitches

Mark the beginning with a stitch marker. Cast on the number of stitches you want to. 

Knit 4; purl 4; knit 8; purl four; knit 4
Do that for four rows across the number of panels you have chosen
Knit 4; purl 4 , cable the next 8; purl 4 ; knit four. On the next panel knit across the 8. Alternate the cable panel and the straight panel across the row.
Knit 4 rows like the first four

Purl 2 or 4 rows according to your choice

Repeat the panel
Repeat the purl rows.
Cast off. 

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