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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Knitted headband

I loved my blue headband so much I made the green one. The blue one is a wool mix and so warmer . It stretches out on your head when you put it on and it certainly keeps your ears warm! The green one is acrylic yarn  and so lighter and not quite so warm. It's 8 ply equivalent and 6mm needles but you could try thicker wool or some of the textured yarns. 

It is double rib.

Cast on 22 stitches

Knit 2, purl 2 until the end of the row
Purl 2 , knit 2 until the end of the row

Carry on like that for 46 rows of rib.

On the blue one I did a small cable in the middle of two of the knit ridges...so , patterning 4 stitches behind.

On the green one I cabled 8 stitches behind. Keep the rib pattern going. You need 4 stitches on wither side of the cabling. 

You could do a cable pattern the whole headband if you wanted to or you could leave it plain. 

Rib another 46 rows and then cast off. Stitch the ends together and weave the yarn ends in.

The headband uses less than a ball of  wool and so is a good way to use leftover yarn. 

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