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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Poké Ball baby beanie

This Poké Ball baby beanie was fun to make. I loomed 8 rounds of white for the edge, then a further 5 rounds of white. Then there are 5 rounds of black and 5 rounds of red. I  put the beanie on dpns. I knitted two together for the next round, then one row and then I cast off. I stitched the top of the hat and wove in the loose ends of threads. The circle was made on a 3.5 crochet hook. Make one chain. Chain 3, treble crochet 14 times into the first loop. Next round is two chain and then double crochet twice into each stitch. Third round is in black. Two chain and then one double crochet into each stitch. I back stitched it onto the hat with back and secured the centre with a few stitches in white. It's acrylic and so machine washable and I used two strands together of 8 ply for each of the colours. 

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