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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Red loom baby beanie

I really enjoyed getting my round loom out and making this baby beanie. It was fun but there were things to learn. I used the Loom Beanie video to help me. It is 12cm wide and 12.5 cm top to bottom with a 12 cm diameter. There is stretch in it. It would fit a new born or a prem who is growing bigger. 

I did 8 rounds before I made the border. I then did 15 rows. I did not sew the stitches. I put 8 stitches on 3 dpns then knitted two together all the way round. I knitted one row and another row of knit two together then I cast off. 

To finish it I got out my flower loom and made a lovely flower decoration. So this beanie is totally loomed and I am really happy with it. I used two strands of double knit acrylic. 

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