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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Knit a flat round circle

I made a bag with my homespun wool but when I started it I realised I didn't know how to knit a circle for the bottom. I could have knitted a square bag but I thought the sparkle fibre and the other colours would suit a round bag. I crocheted a round for the bottom and it looks nice.It also suits the style of the bag.  I then just picked up the stitches onto a round needle so I could do the fair isle pattern for the sides of the bag. I really enjoyed making it but now I have decided it's time to learn how to knit a flat , round circle! My bag is made of sparkle fibre, wool, cotton and alpaca fleece. I crocheted chains of double fibre for the bag strings and added some beads I had for decoration. The sparkle fibre was mixed with Finn and Corriedale but the other wool is ram's wool because it is very strong and suits bags. 

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