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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Knitted dishcloth

I have made a trialled my knitted dishcloth and all I can say is it has surpassed expectation. I didn't have to use my little pot scrubber that I usually have to use with my shop bought dish cleaner. It is heavier and so it cleans and scrubs easily. It is not for heavy duty scrubbing. I had some decent dishes to try it out on. It gets inside jars and cleans them easily. It brings up saucepans and my stove top. I sound like a walking advert but I am going to make more and use them. I can throw them in the wash. This one is an acrylic yarn and cotton knitted together. I am making another one which is not so thick. I am wondering if it will do as well. If , after it's worn out it doesn't break down in my compost bin, I shall be using it to stop soil erosion. Some of my soil just gets too dry and dusty so this will help hold the soil at the end if its dishwashing life.

 I used 7mm needles and 32 stitches and started with 4 knit , four purl along the row. That's for four rows and then you reverse it for four rows. My picture has done well on Instagram and I am getting a lot of encouragement for my decision to try out a knitted dishcloth. Way to go!

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