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Friday, October 20, 2017

Knitted panel jacket

This was an interesting jacket to knit for several reasons. It is the first garment I have made for myself with my own homespun wool. I had odd balls of wool I had spun and they were all nice and I wanted to use them for something for myself. The panel jacket was the very thing. It's the Butterfly Stitch Jacket from a Better Homes and Garden magazine pull out . I didn't use the butterfly stitch. It worked well because I could coordinate the odd balls of wool I had into the panels. I used 8mm needles. The patterns suggests 10mm and 12mm but they were too big to get the right tension. The jacket is mainly merino wool with some ram's wool and alpaca fleece. I put a ribbed band on the bottom because I didn't like  the way it looked without it. With thicker wool it might have looked all right. I used a round needle to do the bottom of the jacket and around the edges at the front. I knitted the front edges in one piece because I used a round needle. The pattern suggests knitting it in two halves. People could not believe how quickly I knitted this up. I did. It was very quick! It has two oblong pieces and then 3 more of less triangular pieces. One piece goes in the back and the other two at the sides. It really is an interesting pattern and great for thicker wool. I really like it and it's very cosy to wear...even though it was 31 degrees Celsius in Adelaide on the day I finished it!

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