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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Scotch tension or double drive

I have an Ashford wheel with Scotch tension and once you get used to it you can really use that Scotch tension to adjust how the fibre is going onto the spool. If you are learning to spin it means you can give yourself time to draft. if yo are wanting to make fine wool you can adjust he tension so you can do that. You can make the wheel do what you want. I also have a double drive wheel. The man in the video is right. It pulls the fibre in fast and with a stronger pull which you night need for heavier fibre but you cannot control it well.

 I have worked out a way to convert my double drive wheel so it can run with Scotch tension as well. it wasn't easy as there is no cross bar of wood under the spool as there are in most double drives. This way I can have more control over that wheel. A double drive can over spin the fibre and the yarn starts to twist back onto itself. You can work with that and fix it as you go, but why not just have the Scotch tension where you can adjust the pull? Finer wool you really need that with. I made some sparkle yarn on the double drive and that worked well. Double drives are really good at plying. To me, all wheel should have both options and if I were to have only one wheel, I'd opt for Scotch tension. 

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