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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

African flower crochet motif

african flower motif

 I used the African flower crochet motif to make two practice medallions in Christmas colours for the chicken challenge in our spinning group. We have to make a chicken door stop. It's just for fun. I have spun all the colours and then had to decide how I was going to make my chicken. I have decided to crochet it and then I thought using the African flowers ,which are often used for blankets an soccer balls, would be a good idea. I worked on two motifs and haven't decided yet whether I'll use both. I like the 5 colour one on the left. If I use both I'll have to put an extra round on the small one. There are written instructions for the soccer ball on crochetbug. CraftPassion also has written instructions so you can make a blanket or bag. It's a versatile motif. 

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