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Sunday, January 28, 2018

African flower crochet chicken

I have made an African flower motif chicken doorstop for the chicken challenge with my spinning group. All the wool is my own spun wool. I have Navajo plied the red and the fawn ram's wool. The rest is dark brown alpaca plied with FinnX some light ram's wool and some dark ram's wool plied with cotton. I have given the instructions for the African flower motif in an earlier post. The top tails feathers are core spun wool edged with ram's wool and dark FinnX plied with dark alpaca. The bottom tail feathers are dark rams wool edged with dark Finn cross. I didn't have a pattern. I saw a picture of a crochet chicken and have adapted that. I have really enjoyed making it and it has a really good challenge. I wet felting 3 eggs to go with my chicken and am using left over bits of wool and letting my washing machine do most of the work. I tidy up the eggs by needle felting them. There are some really great African flower animals on Renate Gerhardt's Pinterest board. They really do look impressive. 

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